Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1 and Day 2 Winners!!

Here are the winners for the first 2 days!!
Day 1 -

Our first winner is SIGALIT who said:
Sigalit won the grey beanie with the pink flower.

Anja M. won our second gift:
Mippy won the third gift:
And Maura won the Newborn Christmas Beanie:
Please leave your email address in the comments below, ladies, if you haven't received anything from me as of yet!

Day 2's winners were:
Our first winner was City girl turned Country girl who won The Fine Lime's gift certificate! Please leave your email address in the comments below so I can give your info to Monica hun!
Roxy was our second winner who won the autumn hat from Kristine's Lil Loves! I'll be sending out your email info a little later tonight.
And, Tiffanie won the soap from Simply McGhie! Thank you so much, I'll also be sending your info out a little later tonight.
Thank you everyone for your participation!! I'm updating Facebook a little faster than I am the blog, so be sure to hop on over there to check it out!! Day 3's winners will be chosen tomorrow! Keep an eye out!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Final Day!

So, today is the final giveaway day, and we have some great items up!!
First is Earthen Soul. She has an amazing selection of felted soaps, knits, and ceramic good. Be sure to check her out. Find her on Facebook too!

 Lisa is giving away a 2 ounce carded batt, "She Came from the Emerald Forest" and it has some amazing colors and shimmer to it! Too bad I can't win!

She is also giving away a bar of alpaca felted soap as a second giveaway. How generous of Lisa!!

 Here's a little bit more about Lisa: "I  have been an artist my whole life. When I am creating I am connected to the essence of who I am. Life just makes more sense! 

I think like many artists I have dabbled in many different crafts, painting, drawing, ceramics & my newest artsy delight--fiber...
I am very conscious about how we treat the Earth and how we treat each other. So I try to do my best to make whatever I do or create have a positive impact in my surroundings. I put a lot of myself into what I create, and that is how I came up with the name "EarthenSoul" 
My shop is a collaboration between myself and some members of my immediate family, such as my children or my grandmother. It is lots of fun to be creative and love working together on a project!
Hope you enjoy all my creations--each with a little bit of "EarthenSoul" inside!"

Next we have Adele from Looliemom Fiber Arts. I met Adele through our online fiberista group, and she has got some amazing fibers! She is truly a great artist!

 Adele is also giving away a fiber batt [about 2.1 ounces] that is called "Icespun". Another gorgeous colorway with lots of shimmer and sparkle!
"Through a wild ride of unemployment I started Looliemom Fiber Arts; knitting original one of a kind designs, making art batts, processing and dyeing my own fibers, making spindles and spinning all kinds of yarns. Come and follow the adventure."

Our fourth giveaway for today is Naturally Hooked. Tabitha has quite a selection in her shoppe, and an adorable model! Find her on Facebook here.

 She is giving away one of these headbands [perfect for Halloween] in any size. How great is this?!
"My name is Tabitha and I am the creator of Naturally Hooked. I live in South Central Missouri with my wonderful husband in a cute little country cabin in the woods. Back when I first began crocheting, there were not very many options available as far as materials. Acrylic yarns were about the only thing available. If you have ever worn something made from acrylic yarn, you might have noticed that it is very itchy and stiff and doesn't last very long, especially if you need to wash it often.
Recently, due to a much larger demand for organic and renewable resources, we now have access to a wide array of great ecologically friendly, soft, and oh-so-comfortable yarns and threads. I use these yarns exclusively in my handmade items now and am thrilled with the results. Now I can make soft, light cotton baby clothing and blankets, warm wool hats, scarves, jackets, and much more. My products are made of a variety of natural materials such as bamboo, soy, cotton, wool, alpaca hair, mohair, and a few other plant and animal based textiles, all natural, organic, and renewable. And, of course, animal friendly!
I love knowing that I am doing my part to help encourage others to improve our environment for ourselves and future generations of our families.

Our fifth giveaway today is from Sandra's Gifts. Find her on Facebook here. Sandra has a lot of amazing items in her shoppe, perfect as newborn gifts and photo props. She is giving away a $15 gift certificate for her shoppe, be sure to check it out!
"Im a stay at home mom and a devoted wife to a wonderful, hard working, extremely dedicated educator and coach. Creating is in my blood and am very grateful for my god given talent."

And, our last giveaway for the week comes from ME!!! Hogg Wild Fibers! I'm giving away a $15 credit towards my shoppe, can also be used on a custom yarn. So go check it out!!

So, here's a little bit about myself:  I'm a stay at home wife and mom of 3 [a 5yr old daughter, a 4yr old son, and a 2yr old son]. I actually started out with making tutus, which led to bows, which led to crochet hats [everyone wanted boy items too], which led to photo props, which led to buying handspun yarn, which led to making handspun yarn, which was everything I was searching for. After dabbling in all sorts of crafts, I found my niche in spinning. I LOVE IT!! I love making thin and thin yarns [and I think I'm quite good at it], but I also love to make funky art yarns. I haven't been able to do much of that lately, but it is one of my all time passions.

So, there you go!!!! Our last day of our amazing giveaway! A HUGE Thank You to all our sponsors!!!! Winners will be chosen beginning Monday around 6pm pacific time. Winners will be chosen according to days, so Monday I will choose winners from this past Monday's comments, Tuesday will be Tuesday's comments, and so forth. I hope this makes sense and I hope it all works out. Good Luck to everyone!!! And, remember how to enter for today:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.

Thank you everyone for making this possible! I have some amazing fans and customers!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4 of the Hogg Wild Fibers Giveaway!

Today is the fourth day of our giveaway! Make sure you've entered to win on the previous days as well. Winners will be chosen all next week [Monday will be Monday's giveaways, Tuesday will be Tuesday's.. etc...] Today we have an amazing selection of prizes!

Brittni from The Swanky Peacock has been one of my best customers through Facebook. She helped me design the Halloween yarn as well as the new Peacock yarn. She has amazing ideas and super cute items for sale.

For our giveaway, Brittni has bought and donated this AMAZING peacock bracelet. Just makes me wish I could enter and win!

Here's a little about Brittni: "I began crocheting after my twin girls were born and it quickly became my favorite activity to de-stress from the double duty of two! I have a crazy, stressful, exhausting, and wonderfully beautiful life. And about five or six arms. Those extra arms are put to good use to lovingly craft crocheted items. Anything and everything from hats and toys to photo props! And my sixth arm? I use it for sewing, you know, in my spare time!"

Next up is Michelle from Sassy Yarn Barn. She has so many amazing newborn hats for sale in her shoppe. Perfect for newborn photo shoots and baby shower gifts. Also find her on Facebook.

Michelle has offered this adorable Newborn Clown Bonnet.

Here's a little info on Michelle: "I am a self taught photographer who decided to pick up my childhood hobby of crochet to make my own props! Once I got back into it I fell in love with handspun yarns and am now officially a yarn junkie... I have recently started spinning yarn which has been an exciting journey for me and I am loving every minute of it! I make anything and everything crochet LOL! I love creating newborn hats, prop blankets, small baby blankets, headbands, bow-ties, I have even ventured into toddler hats and matching family hats! One of my favorite things about what I do is getting the clients response when they receive their items! And the other most rewarding part is the sweet pictures that get put on my wall with sweet little ones in my creations <3 "

Last, but not least, for today is Valerie from Valerie Knits. She has many adorable handspun yarn headbands and hats for your little one. Find her on Facebook here.

Valerie is offering a $25 gift certificate to her shop to use on all her amazing knits!

"I'm a working Mom of two. I taught myself to knit 7 years ago when I found myself buying a lot of hand knit items. A few years after that I started going to fiber festivals and fell in love with all the handspun yarns. That's when I decided to teach myself how to spin! I was knitting and spinning for my family until last summer when I was asked to make some photo props for a friend. It seemed to make sense to start a side business at that time selling my handknit items and handspun yarns."

So be sure you enter for all the amazing items we have on our giveaway! Remember how to enter:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3 of the Giveaway Extravaganza!

Today we have 4 giveaways to enter! So, let's get started!

ClausieCrafts/iBCraftie has some amazing crocheted items in her shop! You can also find her on Facebook.

Anne Marie has offered your choice of a ghost hat, or a pumpkin hat for Halloween! How adorable are these?!

Here's a little more from Anne Marie: "I got into Crochet many years ago by never did anything serious till a couple years ago i wanted to make a smiley cupcake. I have been addicted ever since! I mainly make Amigurumi and Hats but ill take a stab at just about anything. I love a good challenge!! I love finding new yarns and designing my own unique hats and having a blast seeing them on kids and people enjoying them from coast to coast!! I also love interacting with other vendors and hookers and I am so excited for Hogg Wild fibers and her amazing accomplishment!!!"

Next is Kristin from Pretty Prissy Baby Boutique. Also find her on Facebook here.

Kristin has a wide selection in her shop from crochet items to little clippies, like these ones. The winner will receive this holiday set of clippies, perfect through Christmas! On a side note, Kristin has requested that the winner pays for the shipping fees [$1.50].

Here's all about Kristin: "My name is Kristin. I am 27 years old and married to the love of my life. I have a 1 year old daughter named Madison who is my inspiration. I have always enjoyed anything that had to do with arts and crafts my entire life. I started Pretty Prissy Baby Boutique right after I had Madison. I became a SAHM and had to find a way to provide some extra income to support my growing family. What started out as just hair bows has grown into hair accessories, clothing, embroidery, blankets, toys, and all things crochet just 1 year later. I love doing what I do and being able to stay home with my baby girl every day."

Our third giveaway today is from Melody Wind on Etsy. Find her on Facebook here. Melody has offered this pair of fingerless mittens crocheted from her handspun yarn. These are so perfect for fall!!

"I'm Melody, the one woman show behind My Creature Comfortz handspun yarn and knits. I have a love of doing things from scratch, the old fashion way. My dream is to one day have a farm where I can raise my own fiber animals including alpacas, sheep and angora rabbits. I have three angora rabbits named Buster, Brownie and Biscotti and I love to spin with their heavenly soft fiber. I love the creativity that hand dyeing and spinning allows and I hope others love working with my yarn as much as I love creating it."

And for all you fiber lovers, our last giveaway for the day is from Hello Purl, and on Facebook.

Melissa and Jessie have offered a $20 shop credit for some of their delicious fiber or yarn.

"Hello Purl is the collaboration of two very fun fiber artist, Melissa Bohrtz & Jessie Nordholm. We love working with fiber in dying, carding, spinning, knitting and felting. We meet at our local spinning guild and decided to start a fiber arts business, because fiber arts is what we love to do. Just give us some fiber and we'll put our spin on it!"

So, that's it for today! Be sure to leave your comments:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.

And that's it! 4 chances to win. Let's go have some fun!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2

Good morning everyone! Today we have 3 more vendors - Kristine's Lil Loves, Simply McGhie, and The Fine Lime.

I met Monica through an online Fiberista group, and know that she makes some AMAZING yarn! She is offering a $15 gift certificate for either of her shops, The Fine Lime or Mo and Ozzy.

Here's a little about Monica:

"I'm Monica McDonald and I live in Pleasant Grove, UT with my hubby and two little boys. I taught myself to crochet one Saturday when I was in college, putting off homework. I picked it up again just after my oldest was born . . . crochet is a great stress reliever! I quickly discovered I never followed a pattern . . . I liked to change it as I went. I also uickly stockpiled a lot of yarn! Naturally, my love for yarn eventually led to a phone call and my mom coming to visit, wheel in tow, ready to teach me to spin. I first learned spinning basics as a child, but just picked it up again this summer and am really enjoying the new hobby!"

Be sure to also check out her Facebook fanpage.

Our next giveaway today is from Kristine's Lil Loves. She has made this adorable crochet hat, in any size from newborn to adult. It's perfect for the season!

" I started with sewing blankets as baby shower gifts, my niece who is now 2.5 was my first. You would think my oldest daughter now 4 would have been the start of all my creations, I did 'start' to knit a baby blanket but I prefer projects that don't take days or weeks to complete. So the baby blanket NEVER got finished, well until last christmas when I gave the yarn to my friend who had started crocheting (again) and she decided to make the blanket I never did. I had purchased a couple hats for my daughter christmas outfits from a friend and my sister-in-law kept telling me that she just 'knew' I could do it. Shortly after Christmas I was given a bag of yarn, at the time I was only knitting scarves, and going through the bag there was a crochet hook in a skein of yarn. I sat there holding this hook wondering if I could make a hat, both my grandmothers were very crafty and as a young child they always showed me how to do different things it was all a matter of remembering/re-learning. So I searched the internet and found a basic brimmed hat pattern with video I had the hook and weight of yarn it called for so here goes my first try, and guess what?! I did it!! I was so excited I was literally jumping up and down when my husband got home huge grin on my face saying "Look what I did!" I still get very excited when I make something new or try some new colors together and it comes out AMAZING. I make a little bit of everything, I really want to start sewing clothes for my little girls I have a few patterns but not a whole lot of space (I watch 3 kids plus my own 2 during the week, 6 month to 4 years... therefore crocheting is much easier to get away with). I love to try new things, one of my good friends is a photographer and will sometimes send me a picture of something asking if I can make it, my usual response is "Let's see!" I absolutely LOVE creating things from digital items on the computer to yarn and fabric items. If you have an idea, don't be afraid to ask I will always at least see what I can do."

Also remember to check out Kristine on Facebook!

Last up for today, but certainly not least, is Simply McGhie and her amazing soaps! I met Nichole when i was looking for someone selling local soaps to add felted soaps to my own shoppe. She has a big selection and can do custom orders as well. She is giving away one bar of her Holiday Berry Soap, perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Here's a little bit about Nichole: " I am a stay at home wife and mother of three who started making soap in an effort to reduce the amount of chemicals in my life."

Be sure to become a fan on Facebook, too! She also has some Autumn Harvest soap that she's felted with my Autumn fibers! It looks delicious!!

Thank you for checking it out. Remember to go back to yesterdays post and fan all those vendors as well! We only have a few entries so far. Winners will be chosen next week!

Here's how to enter - Leave one comment per entry:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.

And that's it! 4 chances to win. Let's go have some fun!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our First 3 Giveaways!!!

Good Morning everyone!!! Welcome to Day 1 of our 1000 Fan Giveaway Extravaganza!! We have many many exciting giveaways to come this week. Let's introduce our first giveaway from Hailey Jean's Closet. You can also find her on Facebook.
Here's a little info about Melissa and how she got started:

"I'm a 23 stay-at-home mom who was laid off from my job when I was 8 months pregnant. Ever since I had my daughter, Hailey Jean, I picked up my crochet hooks again and started making hats for her. One day it clicked, I decided I should sell these to make a little money to help support my family! I started making just beanies and since then I've expanded to newborn photo props such as cocoons, headbands, wraps, etc. I've even started dyeing and spinning my own yarn! I love to make things and crochet has been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager."

Melissa is giving away this adorable crochet grey beanie with pink flower in any size.

Our second giveaway is from Beanies by Stacie. Find her on Facebook here.

"I started learning to knit it 2005 and did that off and on for a couple years, through a friend and a couple YouTube Videos learned to crochet around the middle of 2008. Was talked in to selling my work by a few friends and from there I guess you can say the rest is history. =D I make everything from Beanies, to Scarves to Headbands and a few fun Animal Beanies too. Love every single minute of what I do and am so blessed and thankful everyday for my fans and supporters."

Stacie is giving away this cute beanie in an infant size,

and this Christmas beanie in a newborn size.

Next up is Oopsy Daisies. Find her on Facebook here.

Meagan is giving away an assorted bag of wooden buttons valued at $35. Perfect for newborn hats!

"I am a mother of two and in my free time I love to make handcrafted hats and goodies. I am also a newborn photographer. I love making new creations and modeling them on newborns afterwards! One of my favorite things to do is go yarn shopping. It's sooo addicting! :)"

Thank you to all our sponsors today! They have some amazing things to giveaway, and since Stacie is giving away 2 hats, there are actually 4 giveaways today. I'm still finishing up some info with sponsors, so there may be 3 or 4 giveaways each day!

So! Here's how to enter - Leave one comment per entry:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.

And that's it! 4 chances to win. Let's go have some fun!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peak at the giveaways that are to come this week!

I will also be throwing in a free custom skein of yarn on Friday! Be sure to check in daily to see what's up for grabs. Winners will be announced the following day. We have a lot of awesome items that have been generously donated by some wonderful sponsors! Thank you everyone for making this happen!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Did It!!!

You guys ALL helped our fanpage get to 1000 fans!!! I can't thank you enough! So, let's get ready for our 1000 FAN GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!! It'll start next Monday, October 3rd and last all week long! I'm still finishing up all the details with our 11 sponsors, so look for that in the next few days. I'll also be giving away a free custom skein to one lucky winner! I'm so excited, can't wait to begin!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Starting Up

So, I've created a blog! I've been doing very well for the past four months and am excited to expand my business a bit more. So, we're at 900+ fans on Facebook and as soon as we hit 1000 fans, we're going to have a Giveaway Extravaganza! I'm so excited! So far, we have 10 sponsors booked. I'll be getting all their info in the next couple of days, and will be posting all the info here. Be sure you like this blog for all the updates!