Monday, April 15, 2013

My Way of Loading Pics in Ravelry

With this April SAL there have been a lot of problems uploading pictures to Ravlery, so I thought I'd show you my way of uploading pics. Granted, sometimes they come out pretty huge, so I'll have to resize them with paint, and then reload them to Photobucket.

Step 1:
Create an account with Photobucket.

Step 2:
Upload your picture[s].

Step 3:
An ad will pop up once it's loaded, but you can scroll down and click on your picture to get to the correct place. You'll need to copy the "Direct Link." Once you click on it, it'll copy automatically.

Step 4:
Reply in Ravelry! You'll type out your post and then when you want to add your pic, click on the image button, and this is where you will paste your direct link.

Step 5:
VOILA! You have successfully added your picture to Ravelry!

Hopefully this will help some of you! I don't know my way around Ravelry very well yet, even though I've been on it for a few years now, but this way works for me, so I haven't really looked into other ways. Lol... Now I just gotta figure out how to earburn/tag someone in a post!