Sunday, June 2, 2013

Not There Yet!

I was really hoping to have reached our 3000 fans and have the giveaway on May 24th, but we still aren't there yet! I feel it would be better if we wait until we reach 3000 fans so we can have our $30 giveaway to the shoppe, so keep sharing the page with your friends and fans and leave a comment on the "Who Wants to Win?" blog post. But, for those that did participate and left a comment on the last post, I'll be doing a small giveaway of... something! It'll be a surprise! Let's get to our goal quick!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Who wants to win?!

We're so close to 3000 fans on Facebook, and you know what that means... GIVEAWAY! I'll be giving away a $30.00 [<-- see the "3000"] virtual gift certificate to the winner! Be sure to share this blogpost on your page, publically so I can see it, and become a fan on Facebook. Then leave a comment here letting me know you did so. Winner will be chosen via from the comments below on May 24th! Please only comment once but share as many times as you'd like. Multiple blog comments will be deleted.

I'm hoping to gear up for a huge multi-vendor giveaway at 5000 fans, but I know that's a long way away... but.. we can still plan! ;)

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Way of Loading Pics in Ravelry

With this April SAL there have been a lot of problems uploading pictures to Ravlery, so I thought I'd show you my way of uploading pics. Granted, sometimes they come out pretty huge, so I'll have to resize them with paint, and then reload them to Photobucket.

Step 1:
Create an account with Photobucket.

Step 2:
Upload your picture[s].

Step 3:
An ad will pop up once it's loaded, but you can scroll down and click on your picture to get to the correct place. You'll need to copy the "Direct Link." Once you click on it, it'll copy automatically.

Step 4:
Reply in Ravelry! You'll type out your post and then when you want to add your pic, click on the image button, and this is where you will paste your direct link.

Step 5:
VOILA! You have successfully added your picture to Ravelry!

Hopefully this will help some of you! I don't know my way around Ravelry very well yet, even though I've been on it for a few years now, but this way works for me, so I haven't really looked into other ways. Lol... Now I just gotta figure out how to earburn/tag someone in a post!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Back!!

So, this is my blog. She's been a little neglected.... I'm hoping to be able to post projects [not all fiber related] and just all around good pics here. Maybe a few giveaways hosted here instead of Facebook. Just wanted to say, "Hey!"

But, I need your input... What do you want to see on my blog? What makes a blog a blog that you need to check everday?  I had a few before I discovered Pinterest [man, I love pinterest!] What would you need to pin? Lol.. sorry for all the questions. Just definitely want to make sure I keep you guys on your toes. ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1 and Day 2 Winners!!

Here are the winners for the first 2 days!!
Day 1 -

Our first winner is SIGALIT who said:
Sigalit won the grey beanie with the pink flower.

Anja M. won our second gift:
Mippy won the third gift:
And Maura won the Newborn Christmas Beanie:
Please leave your email address in the comments below, ladies, if you haven't received anything from me as of yet!

Day 2's winners were:
Our first winner was City girl turned Country girl who won The Fine Lime's gift certificate! Please leave your email address in the comments below so I can give your info to Monica hun!
Roxy was our second winner who won the autumn hat from Kristine's Lil Loves! I'll be sending out your email info a little later tonight.
And, Tiffanie won the soap from Simply McGhie! Thank you so much, I'll also be sending your info out a little later tonight.
Thank you everyone for your participation!! I'm updating Facebook a little faster than I am the blog, so be sure to hop on over there to check it out!! Day 3's winners will be chosen tomorrow! Keep an eye out!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Final Day!

So, today is the final giveaway day, and we have some great items up!!
First is Earthen Soul. She has an amazing selection of felted soaps, knits, and ceramic good. Be sure to check her out. Find her on Facebook too!

 Lisa is giving away a 2 ounce carded batt, "She Came from the Emerald Forest" and it has some amazing colors and shimmer to it! Too bad I can't win!

She is also giving away a bar of alpaca felted soap as a second giveaway. How generous of Lisa!!

 Here's a little bit more about Lisa: "I  have been an artist my whole life. When I am creating I am connected to the essence of who I am. Life just makes more sense! 

I think like many artists I have dabbled in many different crafts, painting, drawing, ceramics & my newest artsy delight--fiber...
I am very conscious about how we treat the Earth and how we treat each other. So I try to do my best to make whatever I do or create have a positive impact in my surroundings. I put a lot of myself into what I create, and that is how I came up with the name "EarthenSoul" 
My shop is a collaboration between myself and some members of my immediate family, such as my children or my grandmother. It is lots of fun to be creative and love working together on a project!
Hope you enjoy all my creations--each with a little bit of "EarthenSoul" inside!"

Next we have Adele from Looliemom Fiber Arts. I met Adele through our online fiberista group, and she has got some amazing fibers! She is truly a great artist!

 Adele is also giving away a fiber batt [about 2.1 ounces] that is called "Icespun". Another gorgeous colorway with lots of shimmer and sparkle!
"Through a wild ride of unemployment I started Looliemom Fiber Arts; knitting original one of a kind designs, making art batts, processing and dyeing my own fibers, making spindles and spinning all kinds of yarns. Come and follow the adventure."

Our fourth giveaway for today is Naturally Hooked. Tabitha has quite a selection in her shoppe, and an adorable model! Find her on Facebook here.

 She is giving away one of these headbands [perfect for Halloween] in any size. How great is this?!
"My name is Tabitha and I am the creator of Naturally Hooked. I live in South Central Missouri with my wonderful husband in a cute little country cabin in the woods. Back when I first began crocheting, there were not very many options available as far as materials. Acrylic yarns were about the only thing available. If you have ever worn something made from acrylic yarn, you might have noticed that it is very itchy and stiff and doesn't last very long, especially if you need to wash it often.
Recently, due to a much larger demand for organic and renewable resources, we now have access to a wide array of great ecologically friendly, soft, and oh-so-comfortable yarns and threads. I use these yarns exclusively in my handmade items now and am thrilled with the results. Now I can make soft, light cotton baby clothing and blankets, warm wool hats, scarves, jackets, and much more. My products are made of a variety of natural materials such as bamboo, soy, cotton, wool, alpaca hair, mohair, and a few other plant and animal based textiles, all natural, organic, and renewable. And, of course, animal friendly!
I love knowing that I am doing my part to help encourage others to improve our environment for ourselves and future generations of our families.

Our fifth giveaway today is from Sandra's Gifts. Find her on Facebook here. Sandra has a lot of amazing items in her shoppe, perfect as newborn gifts and photo props. She is giving away a $15 gift certificate for her shoppe, be sure to check it out!
"Im a stay at home mom and a devoted wife to a wonderful, hard working, extremely dedicated educator and coach. Creating is in my blood and am very grateful for my god given talent."

And, our last giveaway for the week comes from ME!!! Hogg Wild Fibers! I'm giving away a $15 credit towards my shoppe, can also be used on a custom yarn. So go check it out!!

So, here's a little bit about myself:  I'm a stay at home wife and mom of 3 [a 5yr old daughter, a 4yr old son, and a 2yr old son]. I actually started out with making tutus, which led to bows, which led to crochet hats [everyone wanted boy items too], which led to photo props, which led to buying handspun yarn, which led to making handspun yarn, which was everything I was searching for. After dabbling in all sorts of crafts, I found my niche in spinning. I LOVE IT!! I love making thin and thin yarns [and I think I'm quite good at it], but I also love to make funky art yarns. I haven't been able to do much of that lately, but it is one of my all time passions.

So, there you go!!!! Our last day of our amazing giveaway! A HUGE Thank You to all our sponsors!!!! Winners will be chosen beginning Monday around 6pm pacific time. Winners will be chosen according to days, so Monday I will choose winners from this past Monday's comments, Tuesday will be Tuesday's comments, and so forth. I hope this makes sense and I hope it all works out. Good Luck to everyone!!! And, remember how to enter for today:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.

Thank you everyone for making this possible! I have some amazing fans and customers!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4 of the Hogg Wild Fibers Giveaway!

Today is the fourth day of our giveaway! Make sure you've entered to win on the previous days as well. Winners will be chosen all next week [Monday will be Monday's giveaways, Tuesday will be Tuesday's.. etc...] Today we have an amazing selection of prizes!

Brittni from The Swanky Peacock has been one of my best customers through Facebook. She helped me design the Halloween yarn as well as the new Peacock yarn. She has amazing ideas and super cute items for sale.

For our giveaway, Brittni has bought and donated this AMAZING peacock bracelet. Just makes me wish I could enter and win!

Here's a little about Brittni: "I began crocheting after my twin girls were born and it quickly became my favorite activity to de-stress from the double duty of two! I have a crazy, stressful, exhausting, and wonderfully beautiful life. And about five or six arms. Those extra arms are put to good use to lovingly craft crocheted items. Anything and everything from hats and toys to photo props! And my sixth arm? I use it for sewing, you know, in my spare time!"

Next up is Michelle from Sassy Yarn Barn. She has so many amazing newborn hats for sale in her shoppe. Perfect for newborn photo shoots and baby shower gifts. Also find her on Facebook.

Michelle has offered this adorable Newborn Clown Bonnet.

Here's a little info on Michelle: "I am a self taught photographer who decided to pick up my childhood hobby of crochet to make my own props! Once I got back into it I fell in love with handspun yarns and am now officially a yarn junkie... I have recently started spinning yarn which has been an exciting journey for me and I am loving every minute of it! I make anything and everything crochet LOL! I love creating newborn hats, prop blankets, small baby blankets, headbands, bow-ties, I have even ventured into toddler hats and matching family hats! One of my favorite things about what I do is getting the clients response when they receive their items! And the other most rewarding part is the sweet pictures that get put on my wall with sweet little ones in my creations <3 "

Last, but not least, for today is Valerie from Valerie Knits. She has many adorable handspun yarn headbands and hats for your little one. Find her on Facebook here.

Valerie is offering a $25 gift certificate to her shop to use on all her amazing knits!

"I'm a working Mom of two. I taught myself to knit 7 years ago when I found myself buying a lot of hand knit items. A few years after that I started going to fiber festivals and fell in love with all the handspun yarns. That's when I decided to teach myself how to spin! I was knitting and spinning for my family until last summer when I was asked to make some photo props for a friend. It seemed to make sense to start a side business at that time selling my handknit items and handspun yarns."

So be sure you enter for all the amazing items we have on our giveaway! Remember how to enter:

1. "Like" all the fanpages on Facebook.

2. Announce the giveaway on your own personal Facebook page, tagging Hogg Wild Fibers.

3. Announce the giveaway via your blog or Twitter.

4. Let me know which item you're the most interested in winning.